Love is Like a Hole

by Kyra

Love is like a hole. It's easy to step in, you enjoy the fall, but then you hit the bottom and it kills. Everyone blames the person who pushed you; when really, it's your fault. Once you're at the bottom you can never get out. You're stuck like an ant at the bottom of a cup; people try and tell you how to get out or help in some other way, but no matter what you will not get out. It is much to big a task for one alone. "So I'll lend a hand" they say "and take the place of him!" Yet no two are alike, so why try? What's done is done and only one person can change that, the person you first fell in love with. How can that be if they refuse to talk to you, push you away like a week old soft drink, and move on? It can't happen, so leave me where I am. At the bottom of a hole, leave me there to climb.

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