Watch out for your friends!

by Lulu

I am clinically depressed and I am on meds. I have been managing very well. Until a few days ago. My friend told me that I said something that offended her, I apologized and thanked her for telling me, we moved on. Well before she left she ended up getting into an argument with my husband and left. To make a long story short. The disagreement continued for the next 2 days via text.'she refused to answer her phone. And the argument continued only she started verbally attacking me. When would respond she threatened to end the friendship. I was shocked! But I left it up to her. Well the next text came with yet more verbal attacks but this time she finished with ending the friendship. So she refused my apologies and refused showing any understanding or forgiveness. She was completely aware of my situation too. When you suffer from depression you need resolve or it just adds to al the other stuff going on. Today it forced me into a relapse and I haven't eaten or slept for
The last 3 days. That bitch doesn't even know what she did to me. I am so pissed off I wanted to drive over there and kill her. The only reason I didn't is because I have a beautiful 2 year old. Lucky for her! Be careful who you let in!

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